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"A lot of people hate hipsters.. I don’t! I respect them! Because they move into the most dangerous neighborhoods and force everybody out. That’s some gangster shit! It’s actually just white people being white people, that’s all it is. We’ve been doing it for centuries. They’re almost starting to look like old Spanish conquistadors with their dumb mustaches. Next thing you know they’re gonna start wearing those metal helmets, carrying swords… ‘I’m the duke of the housing complex! Gluten-free cupcakes for everyone! Bring me the first Strokes album - on vinyl!’"

Dan Soder (via captainsassmerica)

"I respect hipsters. They move into the most dangerous neighborhoods and force everyone out. Really, it’s just white people being white people. We’ve been doing it for years."

Dan Soder (via imkindaoldfashioned)


check out dan soder on ‘inside joke’ from mtv(other)>


take anything you want…just not the fight night. dan soder shares his story of getting robbed in this new episode of ‘inside joke’ from mtv(other).


This Friday night, The Half Hour returns for a brand new season with Dan Soder at 12am/11c and Nikki Glaser at 12:30am/11:30c.

Click the image to watch a clip from Dan’s special, and click here to watch a clip from Nikki’s.


Your Joke of the Day from Dan Soder. Watch the full clip here


Dan Soder doesn’t have a lot of faith in the next generation. Click the gif to watch a preview of his performance from tonight’s new episode of John Oliver’s New York Stand-Up Show.

"You reach forward and tenderly give the orc a back massage. She is very uncomfortable."

Our DM after I rolled a 1 trying to push an orc off a bridge. (via fetalpile)

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